About us

We are proud that since 1995, our Real Crete property projects are generally either larger modern houses or traditionally built stone houses, designed for those who want a house in West Crete that reflects the island’s architectural traditions and heritage.

All the new property in Crete we have been involved with is architect designed, well specified with all building work professionally supervised to ensure the highest possible quality. These incorporate many traditional features e.g. stone arches etc., but also features to promote low maintenance and running costs. All have good sized rooms and we believe that they offer the best possible value for money.

Payments are normally made in regular stages through proper building contracts with realistic completion dates made direct between you as client and a local registered builder. Working with recommended architects and engineers, you will find they are all committed to “hands-on” professional project management and good practice so you will be able to move into your home in Crete knowing that everything has been built correctly and on time.

All plots and houses we offer have good title and access, the house sizes quoted are a maximum that can be legally constructed for which a licence will be granted and services (electricity, water etc) are either connected or economically available.

In the UK, Real Crete is headed by Jerry Bloomfield with over 35 years of private and public sector residential development experience. In Crete, Real Crete works with Andreas Sgourakis through Mesitiki, founder members of Symenox, the Xania Federation of Real Estate Agents, promoting best practice and accountability to clients.

For examples of completed and “in-progress” projects, click here.