Foreign exchange currency specialists
It is well worth looking seriously at FOREX specialists when setting up all the financial arrangements involved in purchasing an overseas property, and looking to see what savings can be made compared with making all the transfers through a UK-based bank or building society. All offer slightly different terms, but many of our clients have found that HIFX have on-line or quick response systems making information easily available.

HIFX, based in Windsor, offer ‘commercial’ exchange rates as well as a service “designed to reduce the stress when buying and transferring currency abroad”. Booking a forward contract, costs can be fixed and currency risk eliminated. HIFX can ‘fix’ an exchange rate even if you don’t have all the funds to pay for it yet. If you need to send regular payments abroad (e.g. mortgages or regular pension transfers) HIFX offers a service where you can fix an exchange rate for up to two years and transfer the funds abroad for no charge and no commission. The transfer fee alone could save you £300 per year. Mention this website when you call 01753 859159, or click on the logo.