Mortgages, information and Insurance
Please note that Real Crete provides all information on services etc. for information only, and clients must satisfy themselves before entering into any commitment.
Mortgages on property in Greece have tended to be difficult to get, but now are becoming available. The leading overseas mortgage specialists, Conti Financial Services, can now subject to meeting certain criteria help those Real Crete clients who are seeking a mortgage for their Crete property. Loans are up to a maximum 75% of valuation or purchase price (which ever is the lower), and are for a minimum £20,000.
For more details and advice, please contact Conti Financial Services by clicking on the link: realcreteproperty1

Property Maintenance
Many of our clients need their property maintained or inspected during periods of non-occupancy, and probably the best-known in the West Crete area is Island Property Maintenance. It is normally a condition of insurance that your property in Crete is inspected when not in use. Island Property Maintenance also has extensive experience in swimming pool maintenance. For more details and advice, please contact Island Property Maintenance by clicking on the link:

There are now numerous UK companies offering insurance cover on properties in Crete, and it is well worth shopping around on the internet. Remember to carefully check the levels of cover and any exclusions.

If you are going to live in Crete permanently, there are several local companies offering good insurance cover. We suggest you talk with Andreas Sgourakis who will be pleased to help in this area through his own agency.